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January 27, 2023

Groundbreaking discovery by Vigeo cofounder Randolph Watnick demonstrates a novel role of PRSS2 in creating an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment.

Cambridge MA – January 27, 2023 –Vigeo Therapeutics founder Randolph Watnick just published a landmark paper in Nature Communications describing a novel mechanism utilized by tumors to suppress the immune system allowing tumor growth and metastasis. The novel discovery shows that tumors secrete PRSS2 which then represses the production of thrombospondin-1(Tsp-1), a potent anti-tumorigenic protein. The repression of Tsp-1 allows an immunosuppressive microenvironment (TME) to be established, allowing tumors to progress unchecked. Vigeo is poised to exploit this breakthrough study with a pipeline of agents that block PRSS2, restoring the production of Tsp-1 and the anti-tumorigenic activity of the immune system. #TME #Oncology #PRSS2 #TSP-1

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